have been having a roller coaster kind of day…. was so excited moments before i saw the news about Eric and i just….. yeahhhhh

but besides the age gap… hmmmm… i do wish them all the best they they do seem to be trying their best if they are on/off…. but all we can do is wait and see what Eric says :)

P.S wonder if it was the same girl he was spotted with some time ago?

P.P.S when will my other boys come out as well :P 

P.P.P.S to all the SHCJ’s out there (either those extremely happy/devastated) (i’ve moved out of the devastated phase already and am actually quite happy for him now - took me 3 hours, including a nap haha, but all is good now :D) 

P.P.P.P.S i’m still alive and i think i have come to the conclusion that i have come out of the tumblr phase but at times like this you’ll see my comeback :)

and now they say they are not in a relationship but are close oppa and dongsaeng…. arghhhh stop messing with out minds, April Fools was last week! 

and now they’re saying they never dated….. would have just preferred it if they never revealed anything at all, messing with all our our little hearts :( 


Shincom on Readernim’s Dating News…..

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“It is not ‘it’s already 16 years’ but 
‘it has only been 16 years’.
We would like to be by everyone’s side like this forever.
Really love you all”
Shinhwa to Shinhwa Changjo since 1998

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Shinhwa have written another page in history

"it’s only been 16 years" 
~The legend continues…. 
Happy 16th anniversary Shinhwa and SHCJ’s ♥ 


Shinhwa >>> Discography

This is so awesome! <3

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Of all the many things about you that I love, one that touches my heart deeply is your brotherhood and love for each other. Thank you for always choosing Shinhwa over money and popularity. Thank you for sacrificing a lot and for taking difficult roads just to stay together. Thank you for becoming a living example of what true friendship is, and for showing us what wonders a true friendship can do.

To the many more anniversaries to come. To the upcoming new album and comeback promotion. To every one’s individual activities in the mean time. And especially to our lovely maknae who is going through a hard time lately…
Happy 16th anniversary, dearest SHINHWA 

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was thinking the whole day that the Shinhwa concert was on tonight…. i was so hyped and after going though my tradition of watching their concert did i realise it was tmr….

and i’m going on an overnight field trip tmr and i won’t be getting back till the day after tmr and i’ll be missing out on everything :(

need to countdown and celebrate with the SHCJ tumblr community :(

sighhhh uni commitments :(

as you guys know, i’ve been out of Shinhwa recently despite the past few posts saying that i will be back I HAVEN’T and i’m so sorryyyyyy. But today (most likely due to procrastination) don’t quite know how it started, but i was searching for MR performances yesterday and must i add Shinhwa are a-m-a-z-i-n-g! and today it kind of continued, but there are not very well made MR videos out there :(
the ones that i found really well made were: This love, That’s right 

But on one of the pages there was a 'This love' reaction video, and i was hooked and i watched a couple more and OMG the reactions are absolutely hilarious!! The most common comments of course were "They are old" BUT…."Omg they are fabulous" like you get my drift, and mentioning how the CEO’s were rocking the vouging and almost all of them mentioned the sassy backup dancer, and the role of Fuji Mina!!!  and just seeing people realise how amazing these guys are makes you so proud, and seeing how they were fan girling/boying over them made me get really nervous and made me feel like it was re-watching it for the first time and was reacting to their reactions. 

here are a few i enjoyed: (in no particular order) 
srunchiii - was smiling throughout the whole video
 - loved their confusion about the vouging and actually kinda explaining the history(?) behind it
Premium Oppa -they say Marc (guy in the blue singlet looks like Mr E-r-i-c, but i see no resemblance haha) and enjoyed their fan boying and honest opinions about the music 
tattlethetale - maybe one of the most honest “reaction” videos i’ve seen today
GrisslesVaultthe first time hearing about Shinhwa, and willing to check them out! 
victoriaskyful -their wrap up was probably what i thought of when i first heard of Shinhwa haha 
Glow Jang - probably how i reacted when i first saw it, a fellow SHCJ

P.S i’ve never seen any videos from any of these channels before

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Wild Eyes performance - B.A.P

i wasn’t expecting too much when i clicked on the clip, as many of the other performances i’ve watched were no where near Shinhwa’s level. 
But B.A.P surprised me. Their vocal where somewhat similar to that of Shinhwa’s in term of singing and rapping, and through i didn’t notice too much of their dancing, it didn’t seem too far off haha

I already had good impressions of B.A.P through Warrior, One shot, Rain sound, Badman, and even their latest Angel, so with this cover i have grown more interest in them and their music and i’m really looking forward to how they grow and develop in their music. 



This definitely deserves a reblog! Lucky bouncing stress stick. :P

OMG! LOL XD I can’t stop laughing! Mianhae Minwoo-ah XD HAHAHAHA



This definitely deserves a reblog! Lucky bouncing stress stick. :P

OMG! LOL XD I can’t stop laughing! Mianhae Minwoo-ah XD HAHAHAHA

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dirty dongwan 


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is it right that i feel like Tablo and Hyunsung are a married couple here 

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my love hate relationship with this guy *breaks down* :’( 

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when both babies wanna give mama some lovin~

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