Our dancing machine… Our hardworker writer, composer, producer and singer, our M CEO… Please stop overworking yourself and get some rest… Also, don’t overstress yourself, everything is going to be alright. We’re here , by your side, watching your every step and supporting you along the way. Never stop smiling, Lee Minwoo, and please be happy~

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SHINHWA Google Search Autofills

lol omg poor hyesung

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Eric Quotes 2

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Shinhwa Style

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Around another 9 hrs of listening to Shinhwa today…. study music…. sighhh exam in 13 hrs.

tambling-tambling thank you!! :)
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Shinhwa 16th anniversary concert 3D opening. Cr: 0725ABU

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Around another 9 hrs of listening to Shinhwa today…. study music…. sighhh exam in 13 hrs.

Wow listened to a full 7h:41min.55 (115 songs worth) of Shinhwa today (and still counting). My whole playlist of just Shinhwa songs on my phone. (didn’t even include solo songs) But by no means that i did 7+ hours of study. Probs only 4? :S

36hrs before the exam D: then only one more to go until freedom!!! :)

Edit: total now over 10 hours. (A further 38 songs from original post) And still not sick of their voices and songs :) But now time to sleep. Creeping up to 3am already :(

Current love: Jun. K - No Love

Reminds me of Minwoo’s music style (beat wise - laidback, sexy, charisamatic) yet the musical theatrical touch makes it seem like JYJ’s Junsu’s thing. The emotions I felt when I heard this song was amazing, definitely a stand out! The first minute or so of the song was crazy.
I reckon all three artists could pull off the song with their own touch.
And not to offend anyone, I am a fan of 2PM. Jun. K executes it perfectly.


( ̄ー ̄)b  →  ( ̄∇ ̄)b

Ooft those arm muscles D:

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MinJinSyung’s promo for The Young The Future Concert in Chongqing on 140712


I think this kind of promoting is more effective LOL or is it just these dorks?

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Random Gifsets 39/∞: When Hyesung goes tone-deaf

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