Shinhwa Hyesung - microphones

Happy Birthday my love, you’re 34 now but you’re still forever 4 at heart with your innocent laugh and smile and of course your shy prince tantrums/ageyo  ♥

I chose to do a set of Hyesung and microphones for his birthday, because for me, i think Hyesung looks the best, and enjoys himself the most on stage. Every song he sings, he sings with such emotion and passion, which i adore and admire him for. His voice really can make a bad day good, and a good day even better. I really do hope he continues to sing not only as a part of Shinhwa but as a solo artist as well, continuing to be a source of strength for me and many others that adore him.

I will love you for who you are, and though sometimes you disappoint me (mainly you smoking), those are flaws that i accept. Please don’t ever change and remain the way you are now. You’re loved by many and know that, no matter what, we’ll be there for you. Always. 

Hope you have a great day with your loved ones today.
Happy Birthday our little Prince/Jung Pil Kyo/Steve Jung/Shin Brief/ Shin Blackhole/Shin Hyesung what would we do without you ♥ 


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